Solar energy panel installation - roof of Mercersburg Printing Solar energy controllers at Mercersburg Printing

Reduced Use of Chemicals

Mercersburg Printing was established over 20 years ago and has been providing high-quality print services to companies and individuals throughout the Cumberland Valley region and beyond ever since. From the beginning, environmental stewardship has been important to us. In 2005, we began printing using alcohol-free, bio-renewable inks. Our processing of press plates has been chemical-free since 2008.

Reducing Energy Use

As well as being committed to reducing our chemical usage in daily operations, we are striving to lower our energy footprint. In 2012 we began reusing previously wasted machine heat. In 2014, Mercersburg Printing reaffirmed our fundamental belief in environmental stewardship, by utilizing geothermal renewable energy methods and energy efficient LED lighting technology in the substantial expansion project of our existing facility.

Solar Power

In March of 2022 we turned on our new 447.72 kW solar energy system made of 1,092 Axitec solar panels. The panels supply about 60% of our facility’s power. The panels and related equipment were installed by Paradise Energy Solutions. Paradise Energy had to do custom engineering in order to mount the solar panels to our main building’s rounded shingle roof in order to ensure a water-tight seal to the shingles.

Recycling Our Waste Products

In addition to responsible printing as well as chemical-free and energy-efficient facilities, we have been in the “recycling” business for more than 13 years. Through our friends at Chambersburg Waste Paper we recycle thousands of tons of waste paper each year! Recycled aluminum only requires 5% of the energy it takes to produce raw aluminum. Mercersburg Printing recycles all of our aluminum plates, which accounts for thousands of pounds each year. We also recycle our waste inks and packaging materials. In our digital production facilities we are recycling the highly specialized metallics used in that printing process. Our obsolete computers, electronic equipment, and batteries are also recycled or donated, when possible, to our local communities.

Supply Chain

Throughout our supply chain we strive to utilize responsible vendors. All of our preferred paper vendors are FSC certified, and our inks are NAPIM certified Bio-Renewable. A commitment to technological advancement has always been a part of our vision, and included with that vision is our commitment to energy-saving new equipment. This commitment benefits us all by lower electric power consumption due to the enormous technological leaps made in low energy motors, compressors and electronic control systems. Stewardship and sustainability have always been, and will continue to be, guiding principles at Mercersburg Printing.

What We Do

We are a full-service design and printing company. Our staff of experienced, creative design professionals will work directly with you to meet your goals for both print and the Web.

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Internet Services

For custom web application development, contact our subsidiary company, Shenberger Technology.

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